Hire a Hut Rental Application

In order to assess your application, we will require some further information from you. Below are our general terms and conditions along with a few questions.

Please fill out the below, or send an email to office@hireahut.co.nz with any questions.

If not, we will require permission from the property owner

Along with their full name (if it is owned by a trust or company we will need the name of the entity and the full names of the directors/trustees)

Please confirm the following:

Before the hut leaves our yard we require:

  • A signed lease agreement
  • 3 weeks advance on the lease (your lease payments must remain two weeks in advance. So the 3 weeks covers the 1st week and then 2 weeks advance)
  • 2 Weeks deposit (you will get this back once the Hut has been returned and inspected. We do allow general wear and tear but anything above this will need to be remedied)
  • Delivery and collection paid for (this is around $1,400 for the Whangarei region - $700 delivery and then $700 collection)