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Fantastic news for Tauranga and Mount Maunganui residents!

Hire a Hut sell premium quality cabins that can be delivered to your local area.

Our cabins are built to the highest quality by our experienced team and use only premium, locally sourced materials. Also, we offer a range of different stylish cabin options with a variety of amenities that can be installed to suit your requirements.

Browse our range of popular cabins and get in touch with us today. Or enquire about our custom built solutions.

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What are your delivery areas and associated costs?

Delivery costs depend on the complexity of the site and the distance to the location. As a guide, delivery in the Whangarei area ranges from $500 - $750. Estimates for delivery out of town can be provided upon enquiry.

What are your delivery options?

The majority of our Huts can be delivered by our main delivery contractor. Our contractor has a specialised 4WD ute and trailer system with a motorised trolley, which means we can get to almost anywhere you can drive to.

If you cant drive to the Hut site, then a Hi Ab may be required. A Hi Ab can reach up to 10m and lift the huts over fences and other obstacles that maybe in the way.

How wide does the access need to be?

The access needs to be a minimum of 3.5m wide and have a height clearance of 3.3m.

Do you offer custom huts?

We sure do! From sleepouts to tiny homes, at Hire a Hut we love creating high quality, stylish huts and pride ourselves on meeting our client’s needs. We can install a range of amenities to suit your individual needs, from kitchens, bathrooms to laundry areas.

Can I buy your cabins?

Yes, please see our Buy a Hut page.

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What are the site requirements to house one of your huts?

Your site needs to be reasonably level and our installers need at least two feet of workspace around the hut. If your site does not meet these requirements, then please get in touch and we can discuss possible solutions to make things work with your site.

How long does it take to build a hut and be delivered?

This is dependent on a couple of different factors. Generally, if we have one on site, we may be able to get it delivered within a couple of days. However, if we need to build your hut, it will take around 4 weeks. Please get in touch with us with any questions or to check availability.

Can I finance a hut?

We’ve teamed up with the finance experts, so you don’t have to let your budget hold you back! For more information, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a specialised broker.

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What are the up front fees involved with hiring a hut?

These vary based on the hut you are wanting to hire, generally we require delivery, collection and 5 weeks lease (2 weeks deposit and 3 weeks lease to cover the first week and then to remain 2 weeks in advance)

How long can I rent a cabin for?

We have a minimum, non-negotiable lease period of 6 months.

How does Power, Water and Waste work with your huts?

All our huts are wired by licensed electricians and come with an electrical certificate of compliance.

The units come with a 20 metre, 16 Amp electrical lead that is ideally plugged into a caravan outlet, however we do supply all our cabins with a 10 Amp adaptor that can be plugged into a standard power point.

Water connections are only required if your hut features bathrooms and/or kitchenettes.

For options around wastewater systems, please get in touch with us

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How do we apply for a hut?

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